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Joint Committee Notes - April 9, 2019

 | Published on 4/9/2019

Joint Committee Meeting Notes
April 9, 2019

In Attendance: Greg Stevenson, Sean Palmer, Beth James, Kassandra Stelmaszek, Andrea Jarzynski, Jacqueline Austin, Matt Parks, Joe Steavens
Call to order at 6:18p. by Greg

Formal agenda flow decided at last meeting:
Round Table of Committee Chairs
Old Business
New Business

March meeting recap - Annual meeting ideas; Sign-up Board confusion from last year; Trying to proactively schedule events on ClubExpress and Facebook; Lunch with a Leader update; Resource fair ideas; More communication from board about what is going on; Kevin Lavery wants to host a party; Hosting another game night; Camping event

Social Committee - Matt on behalf of Karen:
Resource fair, looking at May or June - weekend would not be good / in place of a Large Group Meeting
Need a location - United Way, MDOT, 
Matt will create an invitation template email
Costs - location?

ProDev - Matt:
Email out to Dan Phelan (president of Jackson College) to invite for Lunch with a Leader on Sunday, April 28th at Noon
Sean just got the contact for the person who used to own all of the local Little Ceasers
Jacque knows the owner of McDonalds if we want to reach out to him

Community Service - Greg on behalf of Stephanie:
Please bring laundry items to the Annual Meet & Greet - Laundry, Softeners, Scent Boosters

Marketing - Jacque on behalf of Clay:
Actively looking for someone that is interested in managing the social media for JxnYP
Kassandra might have a contact of someone that might be a good contact

Membership - Jacque on behalf of Laura:
Anybody look through ClubExpress yet - any feedback?
Got the email reminder for the meeting
Everything seems more integrated now
Good that it is hooked up to the now

May Large Group Meeting is confirmed for Optimist Arena

Annual Meeting:
Need some help with setup at 4p. - Beth, Kassandra, Andrea
Add more information that there is food provided
Wood take-aways - create a 5th anniversary brand
Kassandra is going to get small pieces of wood to create ornaments
Need small card stock papers; Orange ribbons
Photo booth backdrop - bring JYP blackdrop
Send an email that we will be outside - bonfire
Formal program:  Intro of Board; Timeline; How did JxnYP impact you?; How has JxnYP impacted Jackson? - Structure around the mission: Build Relations - Ask the audience what connections have they made / Have Fun - NYE, Bus Tour, Summer Solstice / Love Jackson - BW, Community Service, 
Invite members to tell a story a story in each category - Build Relationships (Sean) - Have Fun (Sam/Brian) - Love Jackson (Kassandra) - 2-3 minute story then ask a question to the audience about "who has met someone new because of JxnYP?"
JxnYP buttons, Giveaway of Bright Walls swag - Register by x date to be entered in a drawing
Notecard on the table with questions that lead back to the mission
Clay - Speaker system