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Joint Committee Notes - May 14, 2019

 | Published on 5/14/2019

Joint Committee Meeting
May 14, 2019
Grand River Brewery

In attendance:  Megan Borgeling, Karen Bunnell, Andrea Jarzynski, Stephanie Schiro, Daniel Mutku, Mina Hami, Laura Coston, Jacqueline Austin, Matt Parks, Ann Broda, Sean Palmer, Jessica Houston

Professional Development (Matt):  Resource Fair - June 27th at Innovation Center, 6p.-8p.
The goal of the resource fair is to allow members and non-members to JxnYP.  
Karen & Megan Mello are going to do a walk-through on Monday at 5:30p. to help with how to setup the space.
Free for members or sponsored by members, Non-members $10 to host a booth
How much food?  50 people - Karen will work through the list of options
Setup in Club Express - deadline to sign up is June 7th
Marketing - send a sign-up to the members Karen and Matt to draft - Jacque can help with setting up a google form and getting email sent out
Be sure to add it to Facebook
Send an email 

Social  (Karen): Where are we having the social after the meeting this week?  Hunt Club

Community Service (Stephanie):  
June - Art, Beer & Wine volunteer opportunities are online, 3 hour shifts on June 8th
Sam Davis emailed because CPCAN is looking for some help staining the fence that we helped with last year - we can make a facebook event and send an email about it - Need to set a date for June
Bright Walls volunteer Sign-up should be up soon

Membership (Laura):
40 people have renewed and paid and 54 people who have not actually paid yet
An email was sent to those who have not paid yet to get the renewal

Marketing (Jacque):  Looking for someone to help with social media and branding - Mina is interested

New Business:
Bus Tour - Fall - October
Do we want to end it with a barn dance, haunted house, bon fire, hay ride?
Spring Arbor for the bus
Recycle some of the route from previous years
Looking for stop locations - Laura, Jessica, Andrea (the Fairy Forest, Mystery Hill, Sandhill Crane, Horseshoe Club, Dairy Farm)

What merchandise would you like to see at this year's Bright Walls?
Beanies, Ball Caps, Pins, Trucker Hats, Hoodie, Coffee Table Book, Postcards of Murals, Artist prints, Pop Sockets, Umbrella, Beer Coozies, Water Bottles, Key chains, Laynards, Temporary Tattoos, Bandanas, Children's clothing, Gloves, Scarves, Frisbees

Attendance at Joint Committee Meetings
Today is better than we've had before
Have someone to run the meetings and stay on track
Hard with the straight table the more people we have
Break out into small groups
Call to action for the next meeting - have the topics in the reminder email 
Try using the forums to do meeting follow-up 
Send a GroupMe reminder on the day of the meeting