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Joint Committee Notes - June 11, 2019

 | Published on 6/11/2019

Joint Committee Meeting Notes
June 11, 2019  6:00p.-7:30p.
Grand River Brewery

In Attendance:  Jacqueline Austin, Matt Parks, Mina Hami, Megan Borgeling, Jessica Houston

Resource Fair (Matt)
Thursday, June 27th  6:00p.-8:00p.  at Innovation Center
About 19 booths
A wide range of services
Action items:  Facebook Post (Mina create a graphic)
Need to make the event on club express a little prettier
Food - Just do a few things from Sam's - cookie tray, Veggie/Cheese Tray
Email to members and non-members
Follow-up Email needs to be sent to vendors by Friday
Matt will type up an invitation email for people to use and a confirmation email
Include the promo graphic with the confirmation email so the vendors can invite their networks

Next LGM is June 20th at Quiet World Sport
Social at Bone Island

Art, Beer, Wine we had a lot of volunteers at the event
They said they are going to try to bring back the volunteer award 
Need volunteers for Gus Macker - July 26-28

Night Walls is coming up on June 21st 8:00p. at GRB

Bus Tour in the fall
Hanover Organ Museum
Michigan Military Historic Museum
Whistle Stop Park
Jackson Speedway
West Texas BBQ
McLaughlin Farm
Jackson College
The Parlour
Ella Sharp Driving Range - Golf Related 
Fire Station/Police Station - Gun Range
Clark Lake Yacht Club
Beach Bar
Mill in Brooklyn or Liberty Rd.
GREAT - Short Paddle on the River
Albion College Equestrian Center